Nutrition on the Go!

Nutrition on the Go!

Let’s face it: life is hectic.  Some might even call it crazy.

Between work, school, family, and every extracurricular activity in between, we are constantly on the go. Whether you are in the office, traveling for work, or simply making that daily commute, we have a tendency to forget about our next meal.  Before you know it, our hangry-side comes out and we make irrational eating choices to solve the problem.  Unfortunately, these poor meal choices take a toll on our body and often leave us bloated, groggy, and down right disappointed with ourselves.

You don’t have to live this way!  There are simple changes we can incorporate into our fast-paced lifestyle to ensure we are properly fueling our body for even the most chaotic schedule.

This past Wednesday, Lightning 100’s Team Green Adventures met at the Nashville Farmer’s Market for our monthly Nutrition Workshop.  Amber Robertson, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with BlissHolistic led a “Nutrition on the Go” themed workshop.   Here’s a recap of the fun facts we learned to eat healthy, even when healthy seems impossible.

Top 3 Tips for Eating Well

Amber provided us with 3 easy and super helpful tips that can make a huge difference in our diet.

Tip 1: Hydration Station

Water can play a detrimental role in how well our body is functioning.  When we are not properly hydrated we often feel tired or sluggish.  Our bodies might confuse dehydration with hunger, so we will eat more food, when really what our body needs is water!  Amber suggests trying the 5-minute water test.  If you know you should not be hungry but are craving food, try drinking a glass of water.  Wait five minutes and then determine your level of hunger.  Chances are you will have satisfied your body’s need and will have more energy to power through until your next meal.

Tip 2: Know how to balance your blood sugar

Low blood sugar can leave you feeling shaky, feint, spacey, and– the feeling we all dread– HANGRY.  Our first reaction might be to get some sugar in our body’s ASAP. That candy bar you’ve been storing in your desk drawer is suddenly calling your name.  Don’t fall to temptation.  You can properly maintain your blood sugar and sustain your energy by following this easy little formula:

Protein + Fiber + Fat

Yes, you read that correctly, fat.  When you combine the above formula, you are properly fueling your body to burn calories efficiently throughout the day.  For eating on the go, here’s a couple examples of each category for you:

proteins = nuts and seeds
fiber = fruits and vegetables
fat = coconut oil, avocados, almond butter or sunflower butter.

These are healthy snacks you could pick when low on energy, without having to go out of the way to find them– just stop at a gas station!

Tip 3: Plan Ahead!

The best way to ensure you are following a proper diet for sustained energy on the go is to plan ahead.  It is true, meal preparation can seem time consuming; in reality, when you set aside an hour or two to prepare meals for the entire week, you not only save yourself time in the long-run, you feel great about committing yourself to a healthier lifestyle!

Luckily, it’s a lot easier than you think.  Integrate this neat motto into your cooking habits: “Cook once, eat twice.” When you cook a meal for yourself, cook twice as much, then portion out the leftovers, and store them in containers for upcoming meals on the go.  Rice, vegetables, chicken…the combined possibilities are endless!

You can also make a habit of keeping your vehicle and desk stocked with healthy snacks. If you go through them regularly, add them to your weekly shopping schedule so you don’t forget.

Bonus Tip: Practice chewing your food

Eating on the go has created a bad habit of the “bite and swallow” method of eating.  When we don’t properly chew, our food doesn’t break down properly, which can lead to digestive problems.  Next time you eat a meal, allow your body to rest and digest, slow down, chew and enjoy what you are eating.  Amber suggests chewing each bite of food 30 times.  Sounds a bit tedious I know.  But trust me, it helps!  This allows your food to liquefy and allow your body to absorb all the nutrients it has to offer.  You’ll also find yourself eating slower, allowing your body more time to tell you when it’s full so you don’t overeat.

Learn More

Want to learn more tips on how to eat healthy?  Check out where you can find helpful blogs, advice from Amber, and a list of upcoming events.

Our next Nutrition Workshop is on Wednesday, May 18 at 6pm at the Nashville Farmers’ Market.  Amber will teach us how to cook with some of the most nutritious and flavorful food nature provides – Greens! There is no registration deadline and walk-ins are welcome, but if you RSVP you are guaranteed a sample of the delicious, nutritious meal that Amber whips up right in front of our eyes!

-Melanie (Team Green Spring Intern)


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