20 RAGNAR Realities

20 RAGNAR Realities

This week we introduce guest blogger, Becca Babicz with RAGNAR Relay. In addition to our RAGNAR Relay Training Tips from August 2015, Becca shares 20 things you’ll learn about RAGNAR… while running RAGNAR!

Maybe knowing these in advance will help get your team ahead of the curve!


Ragnarians are a special breed of people who have the desire to achieve great things. Just imagine Tennessee-born music, beautiful rolling country-side, watching the sun set, an open sky full of stars, watching the sun rise, and running towards the Nashville skyline with 11 of your best friends. That’s what it’s like to complete 200-ish miles relay-style when you take on Ragnar Relay Tennessee.

Starting in Chattanooga you’ll hug the Tennessee River and head northwest. Your team will run, both day and night, across the rolling hills of middle Tennessee. After the hills, you move on to the ‘stills, as you conquer the course with your team. The race (and your stamina) will wrap up, when you honky tonk your way to the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. Once you’ve crossed under the orange arch and mastered Ragnar Relay Tennessee, there’s no turning back…

But why would you want to? There’s beer and pizza waiting for you at the finishline!

Before you reach the finishline, however, there are several things that Ragnarians learn along the way. Here are 20 to get you started!

  1. There are many things that Ragnar teammates share… chafing cream/powder/sticks is not one of them.
  2. It doesn’t matter how well you knew each other before Ragnar, you’ll know your teammates really really well by the end of it!
  3. High-fiving complete strangers isn’t just acceptable – it’s encouraged.
  4. 200 miles seems like a long way, but then again it’s not. Time sure flies when you’re having fun!
  5. Ragnar is no time to go on a diet. You can get away with eating just about anything!
  6. A runner’s high is a real thing, and there’s no better high than a runner’s high…. except a runner’s high at night!
  7. No matter how many times you’ve run Ragnar, there’s always a next time to do it better: better costumes, better van decorations, more cowbell, a faster pace, cooler team magnets, better snacks, a better van playlist, etc.
  8. You forgot all about slap bracelets… didn’t you? Ragnar brought them back!
  9. Wearing a tutu is definitely hardcore.
  10. Your teammate who said they were “good at directions”… was probably lying.
  11. Ragnar van confessionals at 2 a.m. are worth their weight in gold.
  12. If you want any chance at sleeping in the van, go for the 15 passenger vans. Seriously!
  13. The smell of success will forever be the mixture of a sweaty shoes and baby wipes.
  14. There comes a moment when you think you can’t… but then you totally do, and it feels great!
  15. It’s worth having each teammate pack 3 running outfits, ShowerPills to wipe off sweat after each run, and trash bags to seal up your sweaty clothes! Your van mates will thank you.
  16. No one blames you if you decide to walk a little on the course, especially on the hills.
  17. Bring backup batteries for your headlamp. It’s beautiful running under the night sky, but it’s also really really dark if your headlamp goes out! In fact, go ahead and deck yourself out in as much light as possible. It’s more fun that way!
  18. Nothing feels as good as finishing, except knowing you’re not alone on the course. Your team van is always nearby cheering you on, along with about 20 other team vans and fellow runners going the same pace.
  19. Ragnovers will happen. There’s only one real remedy: sign up for another Ragnar and earn the Whiskey Chaser double medal.
  20. One word: Unforgettable… and your friends will never believe how awesome it really was!

Don’t miss your chance to achieve something extraordinary and have a lot of fun along the way. Registration is now open, and team prices increase on March 24th.

-Becca Babicz (Social Media and Digital Brand Manager with RAGNAR Relay)


If you don’t know 11 other runners, but know you want to run RAGNAR Relay Tennessee the weekend of May 13th-14th this year, consider becoming a member of Lightning 100’s RAGNAR Relay Team. Or, if you already have a team, sign up now then enter into Lightning 100’s Run. Post. Sleep. Repeat Instagram Photo Contest between February 29th and March 29th for your chance to win a free team entry (including a reimbursement if your team is ALREADY registered). You and your teammates can post every day, and each post is a separate entry!


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