10 Reasons to Winter SUP!

10 Reasons to Winter SUP!

This week’s Adventure Blog is a guest blog written by Liz Veyhl, co-owner of Nashville Paddle Company, Team Green Adventures’ preferred Stand Up Paddleboarding outfitter. She shares 10 reasons to kickstart your fitness on Stand Up Paddleboards this winter!


I’ve never been a huge fan of the winter in Nashville. Not only are the days shorter and the temperatures colder,  I have to join every other fitness fan setting their New Year’s goal to exercise more often. Parking is a hassle, classes are crowded and I also miss exercising outside, especially paddling on the lake.

If these winter woes sound familiar, the team at Nashville Paddle Co. has a solution that might help you beat your winter blues and, if you’re the competitive type, give you a nice advantage over your friends or family when there are paddleboards at your spring break destination!

One of my favorite things about my coworkers at Nashville Paddle Co. is they’re always up for trying new things and on occasion, we put our own quirky spin on fairly normal activities. So, when the opportunity to put paddleboards in a swimming pool presented itself recently, we didn’t have to think twice.

Wait, I know what you’re thinking. “Put on a swimsuit and jump in a pool in January? I’m out.”

But aren’t we always full of excuses when it comes to making time for the gym or a new fitness routine? We could probably fill this entire blog with them. Rather, how about a quick list of 10 reasons why indoor paddling should be the easiest fitness decision you make all winter. Try something out-of-the-box.

FloYo Nashville Paddle

  1. It’s Beginner-friendly. If you’re wanting to learn the basics, there’s no better place. No wind. No current. No boat traffic. The Intro to SUP classes will cover all the basics on the side of the pool first then coach you to standing, turning and paddling in a straight line. Team Green Adventures has an Intro to SUP Class on January 23rd and an Intro to Fitness on Board Class on February 27th!
  2. Wear what you want. Running shorts, yoga pants, board shorts. Anything you regularly wear to workout in is great for indoor paddling, and you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. There’s no need to put on a swimsuit just because you’re in a pool. And if you happen to take a dip, you can easily towel off and change into dry clothes in a locker room before driving home.
  3. Clear water. You know who you are. If you don’t love the idea of fish under your feet or not being able to see the bottom of the lake, then Ensworth Aquatic Center is the perfect place for you to learn how to paddle with clear blue water, where you can see all 12 feet below you. For a moment, you might even pretend you’re in the Caribbean!
  4. 75 degrees and “sunny” all the time. With its giant glass windows and skylights, you’ll feel like it’s the perfect summer day, without the mosquitoes. And, even if its cloudy outside, the lights will be on and the water will be warm!
  5. Work your core. Recent fitness studies show that key muscles in your core (including your abs, lower back and gluts) fire 85% more when exercising on a paddleboard than on a stable surface. So, if you’re looking for an excellent way to tone up or cross-train this winter, check out one of the Fitness Onboard sessions (description below)!
  6. We have Fun. When was the last time you fell over in your Warrior 1 pose or low lunge in the yoga studio? Maybe it happens all the time or maybe not at all. Either way, wouldn’t it be more fun if you landed in the water. If you fall off the board, it just proves you gave it a good try! Plus, practicing your blance on a paddleboard will vastly improve your balance in flat last, and you’ll look like a pro at the yoga studio next time! Check out one of the FLOYO® SUP Yoga classes (description below)!
  7. Small group classes. Indoor sessions rarely have more than 10 people, which means you can ask questions and get as much individual attention as you like. It’s also a fun way to get to know your instructors and fellow paddleboarder better (and you can avoid the wars over parking spots)!
  8. Prevent burnout. We’ve all been there. The first few weeks go okay and then the treadmill gets old and it’s harder to set the alarm. So, how about preventing burnout by trying a new activity? Whether you are brand new to paddling or want to try a different kind of workout with the FloYo or Fitness Onboard classes, each one will offer you something new and exciting, and are available to all experience levels.
  9. Summer will be here soon! Your friends posted 100 photos on Instagram last summer. Show them up by looking like a pro on a Stand Up Paddleboard next summer, and feeling fit! Sneak in your lessons now, when no one will suspect it. By the time June rolls around, you’ll be showing off your race turns on Percy Priest Lake!
  10. Team Green Discount. In addition to the discounted events we host on the Team Green events calendar, Team Green Members can take advantage of discounts with us directly! Get 10% Off lessons and rentals when using discount code TEAMGREEN during checkout at NashvillePaddle.com! Take advantage of your discount and join the fun! Once you get hooked (and you will!), you can use your discount over and over for any indoor (or outdoor) class with Nashville Paddle Co. throughout the year.


So, I’ll see you at the pool soon. No gloves, hat or coat required. If you have questions, we’ll be at Team Green’s 2nd Annual Resolution Health & Recreation Fair on Sunday, January 24th from 11am-3pm. Stop by our booth to say hi!

Liz Veyhl (E-RYT 500, co-owner, Nashville Paddle Co.)

Nashville Paddle Co logo



  • FloYo® classes consist of vinyasa yoga sequences where SUP sun salutations will flow into lengthening and strengthening poses, balance postures, breathing techniques and even a little play time on the boards.
  • Modifications are given for all levels of students. You don’t need prior SUP experience.
  • The focus of the class is having FUN while using core stability to improve the overall functioning of the body and build a stronger more balanced physique.• Bring a swimsuit, towel and a change of clothes. Class is held in a swimming pool and you WILL get wet.


  • Indoor Fitness Onboard classes at the Ensworth pool will make winter fly by, enhancing your core muscle strength and coordination for the summer lake season.
  • We will start with a 5-minute poolside warmup and then focus on basic calisthenic exercises on the boards like squats, sit-ups and stability work. You will improve your overall strength and while building a strong balanced physique. You don’t need prior SUP experience.
  • Bring a swimsuit, towel and a change of clothes. Class is held in a swimming pool and you WILL get wet.

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