Holiday Gift Ideas for the Adventurer in Your Life, 2015 Edition

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Adventurer in Your Life, 2015 Edition

Gift giving can often be a stressful experience, leaving many holiday shoppers with a sense of dread that they haven’t found that perfect gift or that much-desired stocking stuffer. While we can’t tell you what’ll make everyone on your list happy this year, we are here to help you get something cool for the outdoorsy friends and family in your life! Whether you’re looking to just pick up a little something, or you’re in search of that holiday-defining gift, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Portable Java Drip: Can’t go more than 12 hours without a good cup of coffee? You’re not alone. The lifesavers at GSI Outdoors came up with this handy portable java drip system that fits conveniently on any wide-mouth container. Simply place a #4 filter and some grounds in the drip system and pour hot water over it for a fresh cup of joe on the trail. It’s seriously awesome. Bonus: It’s collapsible. $13

portable java drip
The GSI Outdoors Collapsible Java Drip is probably the best $13 you can spend to make your camping experience more enjoyable. (Image courtesy of GSI Outdoors)

Bike Helmet Light: Perfect for the cyclist in your life, a helmet-mounted light is the perfect way to ensure increased safety without adding a lot of cost or bulk to your ride. Featuring dual lights with white in the front and red in the back, giving the cyclist in your life extra visibility for their   night ride (or ride during a cloudy day). $14+

bike light
Helmet-mountable bike lights are the best bang for your buck when it comes to cycling safety. (Image courtesy of Topeak)

Lifestraw: Maybe the cheapest and most efficient way to purify any water source and make it drinkable, the Lifestraw can be any backpacker’s best friend. Lightweight (the base model weighs just 2 ounces) and compact, this innovative gadget is travel-friendly in any scenario. Plus, one Lifestraw will filter 1000 liters of water, meaning you could use it to stay hydrated every day for an entire year on the trails. $20

Drink contaminated water straight from the source with this handy gadget. (Image courtesy of LifeStraw)

Hydration Packs: If you know someone who enjoys cycling, hiking, or walking, then a hydration pack is a great investment. Featuring a refillable water bladder with a drinking hose that fits conveniently in a small backpack, these handy pieces of gear help you stay hydrated hands-free, allowing you to stay continually active without stopping for a drink. In the heat of summer, they make a great addition to any outdoor concert or music festival as well. Though Camelbak is the most commonly-known brand, you can also explore other brands of water bladders that will likely provide a similar experience while cutting down on your shopping bill a bit. $40+

This 22-liter Camelbak allows you to carry 100oz. of water, in addition to providing tons of extra storage for anything else you might need. (Image courtesy of REI)

MtnGlo: Perhaps the most exciting innovation to come to the camping world in 2015, Big Agnes’ MtnGlo tent lighting system allows those spending a night in the great outdoors to stay up a little later. Lightweight and featuring 100 LEDs powered by just 3 AAA batteries or a USB source, this compact device is perfect for your backpacker friends and will allow you to truly light up their life all year round. $40

big agnes
MtnGlo is seriously awesome and makes staying up past dark immensely more enjoyable. (Image courtesy of Big Agnes)

Overnight Backpack: Whether you know a routine backpacker or someone who loves to car camp here and there, a larger overnight backpack is a great way to store tons of gear in one compact place. Coming in a range of sizes and featuring pockets for everything from camping essentials like sleeping bags and water bottles to travel necessities like toiletries and clothing, there’s no shortage of uses for a pack like this. These also make great gifts for the world traveler in your life! $99+

Overnight packs like this 58-liter Osprey allow for a ton of gear storage without taking up much space. (Image courtesy of LiveView Outdoors)

Bonus: Mention Team Green Adventures or Lightning 100 at LifeView Outdoors here in Nashville and get 20% off Osprey packs and Marmot gear.

GoPro: Not an adventurer yourself, but know someone who is and want to live vicariously through them? Get them a GoPro! These mountable, lightweight, waterproof cameras are perfect for everything from mountain biking to surfing, and skateboarding to skiing, allowing the daredevils among us to capture first-person footage of their adventures. Now more durable and higher-res than ever, this is truly the gift that keeps on giving adventure after adventure. $199+

GoPro’s most budget-friendly option, the Hero4 Session is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than other comparable models. (Image courtesy of GoPro)

No matter what you’re looking to get for your adventuresome friends and family members, Cumberland Transit is your one-stop-shop for all things outdoors this holiday season. With convenient locations in both East and West Nashville, you’re never far away from that perfect holiday gift. Bonus: Team Green members get 10% off all non-sale items year-round.

Flush with gift ideas, but still stressed about the holidays? Check out our free holiday stress relief workshop with Major Family Chiropractic coming up this Wednesday, December 9th. You’ll be happy you did!

Happy holiday shopping, Nashville!

– Matt (Lightning 100’s Community Engagement Director)


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