Into-the-Black Friday

Into-the-Black Friday

It never really occurred to me until now: What is Black Friday?

Unofficially, Black Friday is the first day of the Christmas shopping season. It got it’s name in the 1960s to designate a time for retail stores to move from the “red” (losing money at the end of the year) to the “black” (breaking even or making a profit). High-priced items were marked down so steeply, or must-have gift items were debuted for the first time, leading to quick sell-outs. As the years progressed, shoppers “learned” from their losses and changed their behavior to start standing in line earlier, which eventually led to stores opening their doors sooner. Chaos ensued, and the behavior has become ingrained in the American culture. Now, Black Friday deals often aren’t much better than usual sale prices, and the holiday spirit is lost among the shoppers.

But wait.

Let’s go back for a moment to the reason Black Friday began: to move retail stores from the “red” into the “black.”

This is a day when stores struggling to make it through the end of the year take a gamble on lowering their prices in order to cover the cost of their inventory. Yet, the major nation-wide department stores are the ones getting all the publicity. One store, in particular, is gaining publicity in a different way. They’re making a statement by keeping their doors closed on Black Friday and encouraging their customers to #OptOutside, instead of standing in lines.

This is a message that earns the highest level of respect, on my part.

However, it’s the small, local, home-grown companies that remain in the “red” this time of year, and they can’t afford to shut their doors. This week’s Adventure Blog is dedicated to 5 Nashville-based businesses who have shown their support to Lightning 100 and Team Green Adventures throughout the years; who won’t have angry crowds and long lines on Black Friday, and who will have their doors open. I still encourage you to #OptOutside, but before hitting the trails, swing by one of these fine locations and see what they have to offer!

  1. Cumberland Transit
    Cumberland Transit is Nashville’s oldest and largest locally-owned outdoor gear store. Both of their country-cabin décor shops will get you into the mood to browse their hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking, road cycling, camping, and paddling selections. Just this year, they added a coffee shop (Three Brothers Coffee) to their West End location. Now, gear shoppers can sip on a hot cup of joe while exploring the racks… and coffee shop patrons can take a break from their computers and paperwork to stretch their legs and get inspired about their next weekend’s adventure!Cumberland Transit will have special deals on select items in stores (you’ll have to visit them to find out what!). Keep in mind also that Team Green Members can get 10% off their non-sale Cumberland Transit merchandise any time of year when they show their Team Green Membership card!Cumberland Transit West: 2807 West End Ave, Nashville, TN                (615) 321-4069
    Cumberland Transit East: 1900 Eastland Ave, Nashville, TN                   (615) 942-8069
  2. A Thousand Faces
    If you really want to shop “Nashville” check out A Thousand Faces in Hillsboro Village. This artisan boutique has a “plethora of neat stuff,” and that’s not just their slogan, it’s the truth! Locally made one-of-a-kind jewelry is their focal point, but they also have pottery, glass sculptures, wood creations, metal-work, and canvas paintings available in abundance. While searching for your unique find, enjoy the tunes with Lightning 100 (WRLT 100.1 FM) always playing in the background!Team Green Members can also show their Membership Card at A Thousand Faces for 10% off of non-sale items.A Thousand Faces: 1720 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN                     (615) 298-3304
  3. The Bottle Shop
    Business partners, spouses, and Franklin-natives, Lisa and Dave opened up The Bottle Shop on McEwen Drive (yes, I know it’s not “Nashville” but it’s pretty darn close) in order to create a wine and spirits retail atmosphere that was family-friendly, fun to learn in, and full of high-quality product. If a wine or liquor connoisseur is on your holiday shopping list, or if you’re looking for the perfect pairing for a holiday meal, this is the place to go. If you’re not sure what you want, take a seat at the “Tasting Bar” and try-before-you-buy.If you’re a frequent Lightning 100 listener, you may remember their popular “Tasting Bar” feature on Friday mornings. There will be some one-day-only sales in store during Black Friday, including 4 for $40 on select wines.The Bottle Shop: 1556 McEwen Drive, Franklin, TN                       (615) 807-1656
  4. Project 615
    Speaking of local, it doesn’t get much more local than the 615, or more in the spirit of the holidays than Project 615. This Nashville-based t-shirt and apparel shop not only creates some of the most uniquely-Nashville clothing (including some of Lightning 100’s apparel), but it is their primary mission to help restore those individuals who have found themselves on the path to homelessness, addiction, or mental illness. Philanthropy, and giving, is what the holidays are all about. Both their employment opportunities and a percentage of proceeds go back to helping the homeless community here in Nashville, so when you give a gift from Project 615, the benefits of that gift touch more lives than you know!Project 615 is a proud sponsor of Lightning 100’s local show, “The 615”, which airs on Mondays at 6:15pm.Project 615: 1006 Fatherland Street, Ste #205, Nashville, TN                    Also available at these fine retailers.
  5. Marathon Village Community
    When Lightning 100 moved into a run-down car manufacturing warehouse known as Marathon Motorworks, we thought we were just “squatting” until something better came along. Nearly 10 years later, we are residents of the now thriving community of artisan shops, photography studios, distilleries, coffee shops, art galleries, a tattoo parlor, and a music venue collectively known as Marathon Village. On Black Friday, this community is opening its doors to help rev the engine of our booming little retail hub.Marathon Village: 1200 (1300, 1305 and 1310) Clinton Street, Nashville, TN

Well, there you have it, five hand-picked local businesses worth supporting on Black Friday. Save your big box store purchases for Cyber Monday, where you can avoid the elbow to your jaw by staying seated at the safety of your own office desk!

Speaking of catchy days, Small Business Saturday fits in nice and snug between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Lightning 100 is celebrating our plethora of small business partners all week long leading up to November 28th with on-air features and a posted list of local businesses with great holiday deals. If you know a small business that might appreciate free mentions on Lightning 100, have them submit their application HERE. The deadline to be considered for feature is November 20th. Then, tell everyone else you know to tune in to 100.1 FM or listen online at to discover these companies!

-Keeley (Team Green’s Director)


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