Summer Adventure Playlist 2015

Summer Adventure Playlist 2015

The weather has finally heated up, school is out, music festival season is in full swing, and we’re spending almost every weekend doing something on the water. Taken together, all of these individually awesome factors can only mean one thing: summer is finally here! In honor of the most fun season of the year, we’ve decided to build on last year’s inaugural Summer Adventure Playlist with another collection of hand-picked tracks to accompany your adventures near and far.

In honor of Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival coming up next weekend, here’s a list of artists you can both check out at the festival and listen to on our favorite local independent radio station, Lightning 100!

Wilder MindMumford & Sons: The quick back beat on this song makes it a great option to throw on in the car on the way to your next adventure. Mumford’s illustrative lyrics and new-found electric guitar riffs will keep you rockin’ all summer. Let’s hope this title track to their newest album will help you explore your “wilder” side.

Delilah, Florence + the Machine: You can never go wrong with the booming vocals of Florence Welch, especially when she’s singing summer-appropriate lyrics like “I’m gonna be free and I’m gonna be fine.” The slow buildup gets you pumped, making this a great song to start a morning run with.

Hang Loose, Alabama Shakes: An oldie-but-goodie off the Shakes’ first full-length album, the classic riffs and funky guitar work are perfect for an afternoon on the beach or a float down the river. If this song doesn’t help you “put your worries on a shelf,” then I don’t know what will.

She’s Only Happy in the Sun, Ben Harper: The title really says it all with this one. The acoustic guitar and laid-back vocals make for a great campfire or beach song, or maybe something to chill out to during a long hike or canoe float.

The Party Line, Belle & Sebastian: Upbeat, funky and catchy, “The Party Line” is poised to be this year’s version of last summer’s “Safe and Sound.” You can hear this one right now on Lightning 100, and it’s sure to add some energy to just about anything you do to get active over the next few months.

Red Eyes, The War on Drugs: The driving but subdued upbeat nature of this song makes it great for cruising around in the car on the way to your next adventure. The song’s slow buildup will leave your foot tapping, and it makes for a great running tune, especially during those early-morning long runs when you need a little extra push to get you going.

Wherever is Your Heart, Brandi Carlile: If you haven’t discovered Brandi Carlile’s most recent album, The Firewatcher’s Daughter, then you’re definitely missing out. Upbeat and full of wanderlust-y phrases, this song, the first single off the album, will make you want to get up and dance, sing, and do some traveling too!

Rye Whiskey, Punch Brothers: A good ol’ fashioned summer drinking song, this is a great track to throw on while you’re sipping an adult beverage on the porch. Featuring powerful, fast-paced banjo throughout, this song is also great to pump you up while you’re out and about this summer trail running or training for that next race.

River Water, Moon Taxi: Another track featuring a clearly summer-centric title, this song will make you want to kick off your shoes and hop in the nearest body of water. With lyrics like “all we heard was the sound of the wind through the trees, and all we felt was the chill off the water in a breeze,” you really can’t go wrong with this one on your summer outdoors playlist.

Uncatena, Sylvan Esso: A little slower and down-beat, this deeper cut from Sylvan Esso’s self-titled debut album is a great song to put on a little later in the evening, and would make a great soundtrack to a stargazing session on a warm, clear summer night.

The Minutes, Smooth Hound Smith: There’s something about this song that makes you want to drop everything you’re doing and travel. The fast (and incredibly gifted) guitar work on this one makes it great for running, cycling, or just about any other workout! The rest of this up-and-coming band’s first full-length album features a great mix of fast and slow tunes, offering plenty of diversity for those who want to explore.

All the Time, Bahamas: These long summer days kind of make you feel like you have all the time in the world, even if you don’t. The slow beat on this track will help draw out the days, making this a great song for those relaxed canoe trips or stand up paddleboard sessions.

Need an adventure to test out this playlist (or your own) on? Check out our event calendar and join us outdoors this summer!

-Matt (Team Green’s Events Coordinator)

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