15 Great Stocking Stuffers for the Adventurer in Your Life

15 Great Stocking Stuffers for the Adventurer in Your Life

We all know the holidays can be a stressful time of year, especially when you have no idea what to get your loved ones. In need of some last-minute gift ideas for that adventurous person in your life? Look no further! Here are a few of our favorite stocking-sized (and priced) pieces of outdoor gear that we never leave home without:

Multi-tool: Whether you’re on a casual day hike or spending a month in the backwoods, any outdoors enthusiast knows that, more often than not, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’ll need a knife, scissors, file, bottle opener, screwdriver, saw, pliers or can opener, so why not get the adventurer in your life something with everything! A good multi-tool will last you forever and is way cheaper (and more portable) than buying everything individually. You won’t regret having one! $18-$50+

Gloves: If you spend a lot of time outside, you know there’s almost nothing as miserable as having cold hands and not being able to feel your fingers. A good pair of gloves can go a long way in alleviating that pain and suffering, especially for those cyclists out there who don’t necessarily have the option of putting their hands in their pockets while they ride. You can get a pair of decent cycling gloves for pretty cheap, and trust me, your hands will be happy you did! $25-$45

Dry Bag: Dry bags are a great addition to any adventurer’s stocking, as their versatility is unmatched. They can be used simply as storage bags to keep your things separated in your larger pack, or you can utilize their waterproof nature and take them with you paddling, hiking or backpacking. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and hard-side options are available as well, suiting the needs of any outdoors enthusiast. $11-$40+

dry bags
Via Moosejaw.com

Headlamp: Head lamps are great because they allow you to light the way without sacrificing a hand to hold a flashlight. Hikers, trail runners, cyclists, backpackers, climbers and spelunkers all use them regularly, and many people even bring one along to walk their dogs at night. No matter your activity of choice, these handy little devices are a must if you find yourself outdoors at night regularly. $14-$50+

Road ID: Road IDs are an important gear addition for any walker, runner, cyclist, climber, skier, etc. who may find themselves out and active without a photo ID on them. Founded with the belief that all active people should carry an ID at all times in case of accident, Road ID is a simple wristband with your personal information on it (name, address, emergency contact). Should anything happen while you’re out and about, responders will have a set of basic information about you that could help save your life. Bonus: They’re customizable and come in a ton of different colors and styles. $18

road ID
Via RoadID.com

Trail Guides: Know someone who wants to get outdoors, but may not know where the best spots to hike or camp are? Trail guides are a great gift idea because they provide you with nearly everything you need to know to take advantage of your local outdoor resources. The 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles series is available for almost every major city, and will supply maps, directions, and highly-detailed descriptions of every trail in the book. These not only make a great planning tool for hiking trips, but are also a great, compact resource to have with you on the trail, as they often point out interesting sights along the way. $14

Water Bottle Purification System: These handy little devices are great for anyone who hikes or backpacks in remote areas and might lack access to clean drinking water. In-bottle purification systems come either as filters that purify water and remove bacteria and debris as you drink it, or as UV light sticks, which kill any bacteria in the water but don’t do a lot for any grittiness that may be left behind. Filtration bottles are the more affordable option of the two, but take care to make sure the filter works on bacteria present where you’re trekking. These are great options for the world traveler as well, helping to remove any impurities that may be present in the local tap water. $25-$75+

water bottle
UV water bottles, via backpackinglight.com

Wool Socks: A classic holiday cliche, wool socks are one of those dreaded gifts that everyone hates to get, usually coming from a distant aunt who knitted them herself and who still thinks you dress like you’re in middle school (even though you’re 28). We’re not talking those wool socks, we’re talking the kind of wool socks that are great for keeping your feet warm and dry while you’re doing everything from cycling to backpacking. Brands like SmartWool and Darn Tough use wool-synthetic blends and different knitting patterns to keep your feet comfortable all day, and even offer specialized padding to reduce the impact on your joints as you hike, run, etc. $8-$25

Quick-Dry Towel: A must-have for any backpacker or frequent camper, quick-dry towels are compact, lightweight, and have as much drying power as their beach towel-sized counterparts (or more). Like the aforementioned wool socks, these towels utilize special blends of fabrics to hold a ton of water using a small amount of towel surface area. $10-$30

Pack Cover: If you know anyone who day hikes or backpacks frequently, they’ll really appreciate the utility they get from a pack cover. These often fall under the category of things you often don’t think about needing until it’s too late (read: after it starts raining). Pack covers are cheap and lightweight, and will keep everything in your bag dry until you can find shelter from the elements – just make sure you get the right size! $10-$40

pack cover
Waterproof pack cover, via seatosummit.com

Lip Balm Holder: For the Chap Stick or Burt’s Bees addict in your life, these handy little clips will help them keep track of their lip balm while they’re running, backpacking, cycling, rock climbing, or just about anything else. The clips can attach to a backpack, belt loop, or zipper and are either stationary or retractable (a little more expensive, but potentially worth it). Never lose your lip balm in your pack or have it fall out of your pocket again! $1-$7

Bike Safety Lights: An absolute necessity for anyone who rides regularly, bike safety lights can be a really cheap way to let someone know you care about them (what says “I care” more than saving someone’s life? Who knows!). Red, white, flashing, etc… if you ride at night, you need ’em! $8-$50+

Team Green Adventures/Lightning 100 Beanie: You know you’ll look fresh in this stylish front-and-back printed knit beanie! Featuring the logos of your favorite outdoor adventure group and your favorite local radio station, these will make a great gift for the adventurer or music lover in your life. Support independent radio, and look good while you do it! Available year-round on the Lightning 100 merch page$16


1-Year Team Green Adventures Membership: Obviously, no holiday shopping journey is complete without a Team Green Adventures membership! The gift that keeps on giving all year, a TG membership will give the adventure seeker in your life a full 12 months of perks, including discounts on many of our trips, discounts around town at local retailers and outfitters, access to member-only giveaways for free concert tickets and race entries, priority access to our most popular events, and much more! $35

A Little Inspiration: Last but not least, you may know plenty of outdoorsy or adventurous people in your life, but you may also know many more people who need a little extra push to get active. There are tons of great books out there that capture the magic of the outdoors and can act as inspirational material to get those close to you up and moving! There are many options out there, from the humorous (A Walk in the Woods) to the tragic (Into the Wild), but as the recent hype about the book-turned-film Wild shows, many of these stories are great at filling even the casual reader with a healthy fascination with nature. $8-$20

– Matt (Team Green’s Event Coordinator)


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