Our Feelings About Winter, Summed Up in 12 Pictures

Our Feelings About Winter, Summed Up in 12 Pictures

Now that the holidays are upon us, there’s no denying that winter is here to stay, at least for the next few months. To help keep you out of the cold, we’ve got several indoor events coming up while the weather is less than ideal, like our glassblowing workshop on December 12th, our free boot camp class on December 14th, and our holiday social on December 21st (there’s nothing like a few beers to keep you warm!). Need some extra convincing to join us indoors this winter? Maybe the emotional rollercoaster that is winter in Tennessee will do the trick:

1. We all know the initial excitement about winter, especially that first snow or hearing Christmas tunes on the radio.

snow elf
Via underachievingdomesticgoddess.blogspot.com

2. But unfortunately, this enthusiasm is always short-lived once you realize you you’re stuck inside for three months, unless you love the cold, wet weather.

Via myhectichome.com

3. Sure, there are some things to look forward to when camping in the winter.

Via arizonacamping.org

4. But it’ll never outweigh the misery you know you’ll probably encounter.

snow day fun
Via underachievingdomesticgoddess.blogspot.com

5. It seems like you’re never as prepared as you want to be for the cold.

Via car-memes.com

6. The weather is always unpredictable (especially in Nashville).

office space meme (1)
Via owned.com

7. And it always looks way more fun in magazines…

snow tent
Via panoramio.com

8. …than it does in real life.

snow tent buried
Via tarptent.com

9. So during a season when even inanimate objects look upset with the weather.

Via memecenter.com.

10. And you may feel like winter will never end.

Via blog.showpo.com

11. Just remember that winter in Tennessee…

Stream crossing on our Hobb’s Cabin backpacking trip early last February.

12. Is still way better than winter in Buffalo.

Via gizmodo.com

Still feeling extra hardy this winter? We’ve still got some outdoor events for you to try your hand at, including our Resolution Day Hike on New Year’s Day, and another great day hike to the BFCW on January 11th. Layer up, and we’ll see you there!

Stay warm and dry, and happy holidays y’all!

– Matt (Team Green’s Events Coordinator)


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