9 Easy Sustainability Hacks You Can Try at Home!

9 Easy Sustainability Hacks You Can Try at Home!

When it comes down to it, there are numerous items we can construct with recycled materials instead of spending money on new, packaged products. Recycling is usually the best option, but sometimes it is even better to reuse things like toilet paper rolls or bread clips. Team Green Adventures and Urban Green Lab have used their Engage Green series to introduce you to some common practices of sustainability, but here are 9 easy re-use hacks you can try at home!

1. Cut off the tops of beer bottles for a vintage, trendy drinking glass.

ufbngsp1uys6kqjfjwe02. This one may seem a little complicated, but makes a fun project. Use a wheel and bike chains to build a creative chandelier.

ypufll9ali3khcimrrso3. Don’t toss your old college mini fridge! Use the fridge to organize DVDs or video game controllers.

ygdkpcc1oqrxfrwddqgp4. Tape rollers make a great holder for headphones to prevent them from getting tangled.

xprrjeuvjdzvrrsmx5gc5. Cyclists who keep their phone on their bike can simply add a plastic bottle to be worry-free in the rain.


6. Try this tip for camping, eating on the boat, or for tailgating this fall.

1460211_607207462647997_1723577065_n7. For the audio geeks in Nashville: use toilet paper rolls to organize the enormous amount of cords we know you have.

1459764_607207652647978_406486200_n8. Never lose track of wires behind your computer with bread clips.

1452216_607207809314629_494685924_n9. When you end up with more muffin tins than muffin mix, use the leftovers for anti-drip popsicle holders.

1463694_607207872647956_1383286297_nNot enough for you? Join us for our Engage Green Workshop Series, where we partner with Urban Green Lab on the first Wednesday of every month to bring you a different sustainability-related topic. On October 1st, we’ll be working with Green Fork Academy and Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee to teach you how to make some delicious seasonal fall recipes, right at home!

– Kate (Team Green’s Summer Intern)

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