Upgrade your Water: Make Staying Hydrated More Fun this Summer!

Upgrade your Water: Make Staying Hydrated More Fun this Summer!

Anytime you sweat, your body is giving you a gentle reminder that it is time to drink some water. Team Greeners are an active and outdoorsy bunch, making it even more important for us to prioritize hydration. When we hike, bike, or paddle on the lake for extended periods of time, we must bring water along to rehydrate. When you’re having fun it can be easy to forget to take care of your physical needs, but as heat and humidity rise it becomes more vital to hydrate and replenish with water. If you skimp on water, then fatigue, headaches and dehydration are just a few of the downsides that you are likely to experience. It is a general rule that men should consume about 3 liters of water a day, while women should drink 2 liters of water daily.

Amber Robertson, a Nashville-based certified holistic health coach, gave several reasons why someone may need to drink more than the suggested daily dose:

Consume more water if you:

  • Live in a hot climate
  • Are in a high altitude above 8,000 ft.
  • Exercise frequently
  • Experience sickness with vomiting or diarrhea
  • Have a bladder infection or UTI
  • Are pregnant or breast feeding
  • Frequently drink alcohol

When we’re told to drink a specific amount of water, why is it so difficult to reach that number? Water can be fairly boring, making it easier to grab a tea or coffee, or even worse, a sugary energy drink or soda. Amber offers three of her favorite easy-to-make fruit-infused waters. These cooling drinks will make drinking water more fun, and you won’t have to think twice about consuming more of this important beverage. Try one of Amber’s refreshing recipes: Sliced Cucumber & Mint Sprig, Sliced Mandarin Orange & Blueberries, or Strawberry, Lemon & Fresh Basil Leaves.

Water-Group-1024x1024Another tip to keep in mind is that there are easy ways to consume more water without actually drinking water. Summer produce, such as cantaloupe, peppers, watermelon, zucchini, cherries and peaches are fruits and vegetables with high water content. Amber’s Sweet Peaches and Ricotta Toast is one recipe that will help you consume even more H20.

peaches2-1024x864Drinking water is not only important to prevent the negative effects of dehydration, but adding a little more water to your diet can also increase your energy, promote weight loss, flush out harmful toxins, improves skin complexion, and prevent cramps and sprains!

We understand how important it is to keep our bodies in proper shape in order to stay active and energized. Every Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. Team Green meets at Centennial Park for sand volleyball. Our event sponsor is Real Water, an alkalized water infused with negative ions, which is proven to increase cellular hydration more so than acidic, positively-ionized purified waters. Join Team Green for sand volleyball to try this refreshing water without interrupting your active lifestyle!

– Kate (Team Green’s Summer Intern)



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