Appreciating Our Environment, Building Local Relationships

Appreciating Our Environment, Building Local Relationships

From the beginning, Team Green Adventures has been supported by others who align with our concern for the environment. The community Team Green has built with our sponsors and partners shares a common goal to encourage Nashville to value our natural surroundings. Team Green’s operations would not be possible without Lightning 100, Nashville’s independent radio station. Lightning 100 founded Team Green in 1996 to move their listeners to be more active and promote community service and environmental awareness.


Bridgestone Americas’ mission revolves around conservation and protecting the environment for current and future generations. In order to put their values into action, Bridgestone Americas uses only as much water, petroleum and rubber as necessary. Their Tires4ward Program ensures that for every tire sold in the United States, one tire contaminating our local resources is retrieved and used for a valuable purpose. Bridgestone Americas will recycle any tires that you have removed from rivers, lakes or trails. Learn more about how Bridgestone Americas is improving our environment through teaching students in their certified Wildlife Habitat.

Fuel Efficiency

If you have seen the Team Green-mobile around town then you have seen one of the great ways Two Rivers Ford has supported us. The Two Rivers Ford 2013 Cmax Hybrid is helping us reduce our carbon footprint at every event we attend. If you pick up one of Team Green’s bumper stickers for your car, hold onto the back peel and return it to Two Rivers Ford for a free oil change! Frequent oil changes improve the sustainability of your vehicle and increase overall fuel efficiency.

Food Waste

A whopping 40% of food grown or raised in the U.S. is not eaten. Unfortunately, food waste is the largest component in American landfills, releasing methane, a potent greenhouse gas with 21 times the global warming potential of CO2 (Lean Path). Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee is a non-profit with a mission to feed hungry people by collecting perfectly fine food items that may have otherwise been trashed. Second Harvest works to provide good quality whole foods to those in need. During the 2012/2013 fiscal year, Second Harvest distributed 23,955,957 pounds of food to over 450 Partner Agencies, providing close to 20 million meals of food to hungry children, families and seniors throughout their 46-county service area.

Gardening & Waterway Cleanup

Hands On Nashville helps the community fight hunger and engage local residents through two programs that also help the environment. Team Green has had the privilege to help with HON’s Urban Farm and Waterway Cleanup and Restoration Program. The Urban Farm provides healthy produce for hungry communities, but is primarily a teaching tool for youth who come from neighborhoods with limited access to food. The kids are able to learn how to grow food and how to make healthy eating choices. To learn more about the purpose of the Urban Farm, check out a previous blog post. The Waterway Cleanup is a program to help restore the County’s waterways to pre-flood condition or better.

Reduce Emissions

Nashville B-Cycle has made it easy for Nashville to become a bike-commuting community! While opting to bike instead of driving a car is great for the environment, B-Cycle is also a great way to get in shape. B-Cycle tracks mileage, calories burned, and your carbon offset for each trip. Think no emissions, no gas, no traffic, and no hassle!

Textile Recycling

Nearly 3.6 billion pounds of used clothes are dumped in landfills annually (EPA). Plato’s Closet buys and sells nearly new, trendy clothes, shoes and accessories. Plato’s Closet keeps people from throwing away their clothes, while also helping people refrain from buying new clothes. Plato’s encourages people to shop at their store because purchasing brand new clothes is harmful to the environment and leads to even more waste. Plato’s only sells gently used name-brand clothing. The clothes that Plato’s is not able to sell are always recycled to The Salvation Army or Goodwill. If you are a Team Green member, take advantage of your year-round Plato’s Closet discount by showing your Team Green membership card!

Value the Environment

Mountain High Outfitters is a member of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, which is a group of independent outdoor retailers committed to promoting the best business practices and protecting the environment, both locally and globally. Mountain High’s outreach programs are focused on environmental stewardship and consumer responsibility. These programs include: free Boy Scout clinics, Rock Climbing classes, sponsorships and support of hundreds of local events. They are built around an intense respect for nature and the value it adds to our lives. Mountain High believes that less is more and are there to help you receive the highest quality items from the best brands to ensure that you buy products that last.

There’s more!

Team Green is supported in multiple ways by many other organizations that share our concern for the environment. Urban Green Lab is our partner for our Engage Green workshop series. Urban Green Lab provides educational programs to make sustainability an easy thing to incorporate into people’s homes, neighborhoods and businesses. One of our favorite gear outfitters, REI Brentwood, has monthly Radnor Lake volunteer days and a bike service shop to keep you biking the streets and out of the car. Centennial Sportsplex partners with Team Green to provide fitness classes. The Sportsplex is made available through Metro Parks, our city’s source for preserving greenways. Climb Nashville partners with Team Green for family days to help kids develop an appreciation for the outdoors at an early age. Nashville Paddle Company is our partner for our paddling events, and donates a portion of their proceeds to the Cumberland River Compact to protect our local waterways.

We hope our Team Green community can help us in our appreciation for our sponsors and partners by choosing “green” when it comes to the places we go to buy products, donate food, and stay fit. If you want to get more involved in showing appreciation for our environment, join us this Saturday, August 16 at 9 a.m. as we help Hands On Nashville clean up Mill Creek behind their Urban Farm!

– Kate (Team Green’s Summer Intern)



One thought on “Appreciating Our Environment, Building Local Relationships

  1. Beware Planet Aid, one of the clothes collecting groups mentioned. The company has faced a storm of media criticism for disturbing reasons. For starters, the Chicago-based CharityWatch gave Planet Aid an “F” grade after analyzing its 2012 tax form and audited financial statements, determining that Planet Aid spent only 27% of its expenses on programs.

    Google search:

    CharityWatch Debunks Planet Aid’s Recycling Program

    Worse, prosecutors in Denmark have linked Planet Aid to an alleged cult called the Tvind Teachers Group. Five leaders of this group are Interpol fugitives wanted in their native Denmark in connection with a multimillion-dollar tax-fraud and embezzlement scheme.

    Google search:

    “Kindness into Cash” – exposé of used clothes company Planet Aid – pt. 1

    There is more info in the description box of the above video. Click ‘Show more’ while on that page.

    Thanks for the chance to share my opinions. Please research before you donate.

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