18 Truths Outdoorsy People Can Relate To

18 Truths Outdoorsy People Can Relate To

At Team Green Adventures we love the outdoors, and we know you do too. But we all have those times where a little humor lightens the frustrations of freezing temperatures, pouring rain, feeling a little too hot and buggy, and wondering why we willingly choose to sleep outside and walk through the woods with a heavy load on our backs…

If you call yourself “outdoorsy,” then we guarantee these truths will resonate with you:

1. You are far peppier at the beginning of a hike than you are just two miles in.

giphy62. At the start of every excursion you secretly know you’re the most “hardcore” camper there, and you often smirk at everyone else’s feeble efforts.

_camping_3. “And don’t even get me started on people who pretend to go outside.”

9e4b9c1230f52be02775ddaad6118d404. You feel obligated to take the most difficult route or else people won’t take you as seriously.

fe4290544d4182a253874ce0f416206f5. You save your money for an expensive trip camping while your friends pay the same amount to stay in a Four Seasons.

giphy56. You’ve experienced missing the bus back to civilization, getting stranded because of a snowstorm, running out of money and food, and you almost always lose cell phone service.

giphy47. Following extreme sports athletes on Instagram makes you want to have your own epic pics, but your photos never turn out like theirs.

fab405afd41717622f420e2cf4706d208. And sometimes you are more concerned with shooting an epic pic than you are for safety.

33d182668d57826ce4d4ba6f427386989. You love the environment, but sometimes you just want to spray the forest with insect killer.

4352931753d44241217e4b8032cb103d10. You wait all year for ski season just to end up warming your boots at a lodge, sipping hot chocolate.

giphy311. You got a GoPro to look extreme, but the majority of the video consists of wipeouts.

giphy212. Your cooler of ice melted and now everything within 10 feet is soaked in cold water.

787dc4b18def2f1c05f7ce04c1df30ae13. You bring cool camping gadgets to show off to your friends but soon realize they aren’t that useful.

e9cad6618345d253313294f44a1f5e3314. You were fine, and then out of nowhere you feel itchy in your nose, in your ears and everywhere else, and you jump at every gnat.

giphy15. You’re starving, you want Jimmy John’s, but you open your pack only to find a soggy homemade sandwich.

5121504be2308fac4cf8da7803fd34c716. Call it experience…or maybe it’s just arrogance and pride, but you tend to overestimate your ability to overcome an encounter with dangerous wildlife.

9b43de349bab9e86ed77ce599d0cf2cb17. But then you hear a rustle in the leaves and get paranoid…because you don’t know if it’s a chipmunk…or a LION.

hello-there18. Despite an overly enthusiastic start to your outdoor trek, the conditions got the best of you, and alas, you want nothing more than to go home, turn up the AC and grab a beer.


19. But when you get home and tell everyone about your grand adventures, you realize no matter how bad it got, it really was better than sitting on the couch!

When you are rested up from your latest adventure, check the calendar at Team Green Adventures for a new outdoor activity to try out…because we know no matter how exhausted you get after one trip, outdoors people are always antsy for the next challenge!

– Kate (Team Green’s Summer Intern)


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