We’re Legal!

We’re Legal!

Drumroll please! …Team Green Adventures is officially legal- we are turning 18 years old! Celebrate with us on July 19 at 12 p.m. at Two Rivers Ford in Mt. Juliet. This festival-like celebration will not only be recognizing the dynamic growth of Team Green over the years, but will also commemorate our outdoors enthusiasts (you) who make Team Green Adventures possible.

Lightning 100, Nashville’s Independent Radio, created “The Green Team” in 1996 as a community service-focused initiative to encourage listeners to be more aware of environmental concerns. We knew that caring for the environment and appreciating adventure go hand-in-hand, so we began to incorporate adventure into Team Green’s community service events. The adventure aspect resonated with our community and helped us grow much larger. For more than 11 years, Team Green was a club for adventure seekers with a volunteer spirit. By 2008, the organization was too large to be a club, and we became an “Adventure Leader” for Middle Tennessee, organizing unique outdoor activities for Nashville and the surrounding area.

At 18 years old, Team Green Adventures has become a blend of everything we have acquired a passion for: environmental sustainability, community service and outdoor activities. The variety of opportunities you can experience through Team Green now include everything from extreme adventures to leisurely hikes and even social gatherings. By joining Team Green’s community, you will meet other people who share your values for the environment. We has always been concerned with incorporating an educational component into all of our activities so you are sure to learn a lot through involvement with Team Green as well. When it comes down to it, we are simply about the adventure, but we hope that by being outdoors and seeing the beauty of our natural surroundings, we can also inspire you to become more environmentally conscious.

In order to celebrate the enormous support we have from the Nashville outdoors community, Two Rivers Ford is driving our membership discount – $18 for one-year memberships during the month of July. Our birthday celebration will also include corn hole, disc golf, live broadcast with Lightning 100, free food, giveaways and a post-party adventure at Long Hunter State Park. Two Rivers Ford will have fuel-efficient vehicles for test-driving and a car care clinic. For more info on giveaways and vendors at the birthday bash check out our event page.

– Kate (Team Green’s Summer Intern)



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