Summer CSA Workshop Preview!

Summer CSA Workshop Preview!

As a part of Team Green Adventures’ Engage Green series with Urban Green Lab, we are hosting a CSA box workshop. Local experts from Green Door Gourmet will shed some light on sustainability and the need for local organic farms. The workshop will end with a hands-on tutorial led by local chef Shane Kelly where you can learn how to cook some of the produce you would receive in a common summer CSA box!

Green Door Gourmet is the only farm of its size to be awarded Organic Certification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Metropolitan Nashville. The farm grows a wide variety of produce, as well as 80 different kinds of herbs and flowers. These fresh fruits and vegetables are used for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes, and Green Door Gourmet delivers items to farmers markets and 22 local restaurants. The delicious produce you could have delivered in a box is the same food you’ll find in some of the best restaurants around town!

Green Door Gourmet offers three different choices for a CSA box: Traditional, Flexible, and Flower. The Traditional CSA allows you to invest in the full growing season from May-October. The Flexible CSA is a great option for beginners because you can purchase a box on a weekly basis. You pick up the produce on the farm, so you can see exactly where your food is coming from. This is as good as grocery shopping gets. A weekly newsletter informs you of the upcoming harvest, so you know what weeks to sign up for. For those of you who love fresh flowers, Green Door Gourmet’s Flower CSA delivers weekly bouquets for 24 weeks. Talk about the perfect gift for a loved one…or indulge in a little of your own self-love! Each week, your bouquet will have different colors, flowers and scents. For more details on the specific CSA options, you can go to Green Door Gourmet’s CSA page.

Want to try a CSA, but don’t know how to cook? Green Door Gourmet’s blog provides weekly recipes with the week’s food selection. The blog also has tips on storing your produce, juicing, and gardening.

7 Reasons to Try a CSA Box:

  1. Knowing what food is in season will become common knowledge.
  2. You’ll have fun trying new food and recipes. There is always a surprise in your box!
  3. CSA boxes are organic, so you’re not consuming chemicals or pesticides.
  4. CSA programs support local farmers and keep them in business. They grow food the right way- we need them!
  5. You will save money. If you prepay it may seem like a lot at first, but a half share for 24 weeks is only about $15 a week. At the grocery store, you may only get 3 small containers of berries for that price. A half share CSA box would give you a large quantity and a wide variety of items.
  6. You’ll stay on track. CSA boxes help you keep up a healthy diet, and they ensure that you always have fruit and veggies nearby.
  7. You may even become friends with your local farmer. Being able to go to the farm has benefits beyond just seeing how your food grows. Establishing a friendship with the farmer harvesting your CSA box gives those homemade dinners a sentimental touch that you can’t find in a busy grocery store.

Join Team Green and Urban Green Lab Wednesday, July 2nd at 6 p.m. at Second Harvest Food Bank to learn more about CSA boxes and why you must try one!

– Kate (Team Green’s Summer Intern)


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