Your Summer Adventure Playlist!

Your Summer Adventure Playlist!

The sunshine may be enough to pull you outdoors for trail running, water sports or a camping trip, but a little upbeat music always helps fuel the adventurous anticipation. On your next summer quest listen to some of our personal favorite tunes to boost your energy and motivate you for any extreme sport. These tracks are hip and edgy, making them the perfect fit for your not-so-ordinary activities!

We Are the Tide, Blind Pilot: A mellower tune, this song is ideal for canoeing or kayaking the Harpeth on an overcast morning.

Luna, Bombay Bicycle Club: “Waiting for the perfect night out…” “Luna” would be a great song to listen to during a full-moon hike, or just a relaxing evening hike.

Safe and Sound, Capital Cities: “Safe and Sound” is a fantastic pump-up song without being too overpowering. Try this track for a more intense trail run at Percy Warner, and this upbeat rhythm will empower you to sprint the up-hills and keep your pace.

St. Croix, Family of the Year: You’ll feel as if you are in Southern California after listening to “St. Croix,” but as long as you are in Nashville, try this song for your next paddle-boarding excursion.

Into The Wild, LP: This epic song should be played when you reach the peak of a mountain, or when you finish a tough hike and finally come to a clearing out of the woods. “Into the Wild” will give you all the glory you deserve after overcoming your limits in any sport.

Zimbabwe, New Navy: “Leave the city for an open highway…” “Zimbabwe” is your go-to tune for a destination adventure. Full of summer vibes, this song was one of my first picks!

Ya Never Know, Terraplane Sun: Terraplane Sun’s slower, but groovy song could take your outdoor yoga practice up a notch, or maybe “Ya Never Know” will be the background music as you roll through the city on your bike and escape the bustle of the traffic.

With Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival coming up next weekend, check out these songs by artists performing at the festival:

Backwoods Company, The Wild Feathers: For a more southern summer jam, play “Backwoods Company” for fishing, camping or target sports like archery!

Punching In A Dream, The Naked And Famous: I have found “Punching In A Dream” to be a great pre-sport song to get me pumped and ready to work hard.

Oak Tree, Desert Noises: Just like its name suggests, “Oak Tree” should be listened to while out in the woods. This song should definitely make the playlist on your next camping or backpacking trip.

Want more music like this? Listen to the full playlist here: A Team Green Summer

– Kate (Team Green’s Summer Intern)

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