Outdoor Adventure and Achieving Your Personal Best

Outdoor Adventure and Achieving Your Personal Best

Just like Confucius’s quote, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,” the same can be said about exercise. Find an outdoor sport you love, and you’ll never workout a day in your life. Adventure sports transform people far beyond physical strength. These rewards will make you crave outdoor adventure and never dread physical activity again!

Adventure: an exciting event where you dare to go somewhere unknown


Imagine the first time you finish a trail run without stopping. Accomplishments like this take time and dedication. As you build endurance in any sport, you will gain perseverance to be able to more easily overcome any challenges in your daily life. Outdoor adventures build independence and self-confidence. Lessons learned from adventurous experiences can lead to positivity, selflessness, keeping commitments, self-discipline, and honesty, according to a study on Human Kinetics.

Mental Sharpness

While climbing you have to determine which places have the best foot holding. Paddleboard yoga requires mental focus to keep from falling in the water. Adventure sports foster both physical and mental conditioning. Extreme outdoor activities separate themselves from other sports by requiring keen observation and concentration. The outdoors offers unpredictable elements like wind, rain, or cold temperatures that allow for an adrenaline rush and release of endorphins. An exhilarating degree of risk challenges you to build your mental strength. According to Outside, our senses are improved by spending time outdoors as well as our ability to pay attention, think clearly, and be more creative.


Many adventure sports are not accomplished alone. Sharing these activities with people will result in an increased pride in your community. Challenges during an adventure produce group bonding and cooperation by practicing resolving disagreements, appreciating differences, developing new friendships, and getting along with others. Not only will outdoor sports grow togetherness among a group, but they will also reveal leadership skills and the need for some to claim specific responsibilities. We host a ropes course 1-2 times each year with Adventureworks that embodies this type of experience perfectly, challenging each participant to push their individual boundaries and work together as a team. As a member of an adventurous group, you will feel part of something larger than life!


Closeness with Nature

While adventure sports may be thrilling at times, the outdoor setting will reduce stress and your risk for stress-related diseases. Anticipating the difficulty of a double-black diamond slope may cause some fear, but taking a break at the top of a peak reminds you why you love being in the riskier places on a mountain. You will learn to appreciate nature and your connection to the earth. By realizing our responsibility to protect nature, you will experience a stronger sense of belonging and a greater awareness of place. Living in the outdoors will force you to learn more about their place in today’s society.

Beyond the thrill of the outdoors, adventure sports grow self-confidence, your mind, your ability to cooperate with others, and your appreciation for nature. Start having more fun when you exercise and discover new activities you’ll love. Join us by participating in our wide range of outdoor adventures for everyone from beginners to those with more experience, and check out our upcoming events here!

– Kate (Team Green 2014 Summer Intern)


One thought on “Outdoor Adventure and Achieving Your Personal Best

  1. Love this post and fully agree. If it weren’t for my past in long distance running I know I wouldn’t have developed the tools I now need and use daily in illness. For those of you not stuck to a couch… go… adventure!

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